Chased by a Snowman

This is a pencil sketch I’m working on right now. It will eventually be a finished illustration in pen/ink and colored with watercolors. 

I try to work out most of the details in pencil before I start inking. I know a lot of illustrators like loose sketches underneath the inks, but I find working out most of the issues beforehand helps my sanity later on in the process. 

This is a whimsical drawing of a kid whose snowman comes alive and attacks him. A bit inspired by Calvin and Hobbes, I suppose. We’ll see how it turns out in the end…


A Girl and Her Owl

Redesigned and restarted, I hope to update this blog with new sketches, illustrations, cartoons, comics and maybe some tutorials and thoughts about my work and creative process.

I start it off with a quick sketch I just finished drawing just for fun… “The owls are not what they seem.” It’s a simple pen and ink illustration, colored with watercolors.

owl, girl, illustration, cartoon, pen, ink, watercolor, sketch, drawing, cute

The owls are not what they seem…